3 Pieces of Furniture That are Also Art

Artists have been creating furniture for decades, though some might not think of furniture as “art” it truly is.

Furniture is the centerpiece of almost every space from offices, lobbies, living rooms, restaurants, and so on.

Notable mid-century artists like Charles and Ray Eames, Eero Saarinen, Arne Jacobsen, Wegner, and more began rethinking the line between furniture and art.

They created pieces that inspire, draw your eyes to them when you walk into a room, yet remain comfortable and practical.

Although many of these furniture pieces are not considered a collectible item and are featured in Art Museums all over the world, many manufactureres are reproducing these pieces.

They have lasted the test of time and remain highly sought after designs.

In this article we are going to share 4 pieces of furniture that are not only functional, but are also art pieces to add beauty to any space.

Here are 4 Pieces of Furniture That are Also Art Pieces:

Tulip Table

Originally designed by Euro Saarinen, this tulip table has been an iconic piece every since it first made its appearance in 1955.

An original tulip table will cost around $7,500 and can be found from manufacturers like Knoll.

These tables have a sleek finish with a tulip like base.

People love the tulip table because not only are they beautiful, they are practical.

The tulip base leaves a small footprint, making more leg room to comfortable sit around the table.

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Flag Haylard Chair


This chair went into production in the 1950’s and was a unique, new and unusual design in its time.

It was designed by Hans Wegner and his motivation behind this chair was to prove that he can build innovative practical and comfortable furniture with any material.

Made from a combination of rope, chrome-plated steel, sheepskin and linen, this chair became a centerpiece in offices, homes and other higher end spaces.

In this day and age this chair is more of a collectible and finding reproductions is hard.

You can find the Flag Haylard Chair via Rove Concepts.

Ball Chair

This 20th Century Design was another “unusual” and different design of its time.

The chair is one of the most famous and beloved classics of Finnish design and it was the international breakthrough of Eero Aarnio.

It is made of fiberglass and upholstered with 15 color options to choose from.

This chair is featured in design museums all over the world and has starred on several movies, music videos and magazine covers.

It can also be found in famous buildings in major cities all over the world.

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As you can see these chairs were originally designed by notable artists and architects and have remained ever so popular over the years.

Furniture doesn’t have to be boring or ugly to be comfortable.

These designers proved it over the years with their innovative, unique and fresh ideas.